2018 Highlights

More to come! Events and times subject to change.


North American Diving Dogs

The ultimate organization in the performance sport of dock diving. North America Diving Dogs is the only organization of its kind that offers diving dog titles recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Be prepared for some "big air" excitement and plan on getting wet!

Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit Hopping is modeled after horse show jumping. Rabbits must clear jumps of various heights without knocking down the cross bars. Sanctioned by the American Hopping Association for Rabbits and Cavies (AHARC)

Pet Costume Contest

Dress up your pet and compete for prizes in the annual Pet Costume Contest. Judging times for each weight class is different.

Santa Paws
Photos with Santa

Santa visits Pittsburgh Pet Expo to find out which furry friends have been naughty or nice. Your pet can pose with Santa for a FREE photo. Santa photos with your pet will be available each day up until one hour before show ends. View your image online after the show.

Grooming Competition:
Rescue Me Rodeo Round Up

Join the fun with The International Judges Association Dog Grooming Competitions. Non-stop entertainment, dog grooming competitions, educational seminars for pet industry pros, plus competitions for the entire family. Bring your dog — you could win a prize!

That Guy with the Birds

Kenny Sprouse provides a fun way to learn about Parrots and birds from around the world! These birds are friendly, smart, and love to dance. Becca, a Hyacinth Macaw, Stoney, an African Grey, Saraphina a Corella Cocatoo, Beethoven a Blue & Gold Macaw, Louie a Scarlet Macaw, Woody a mini Macaw, or Poppy and Ponch.

Steel City Reptile Demo

Steel City's Tom Kelly and his expert reptile educators educate and entertain. Families can experience the excitement of getting up-close and personal with these fascinating animals in a safe and educational way. Guests will have the opportunity for hands-on interaction and photos with snakes, tortoises, frogs, and lizards and more.

Handicapped Pet Seminar

Expert Pat Holcomb explains how to care for handicapped dogs — and introduces you to her own three-legged canines.

Steel City Weight Pull

Like Olympic athletes, these competitive dogs are treated with top nutrition and exercise programs as they train for competitions, like pulling a weighted cart unassisted by their handler, in single-eliminations until only the strongest dog remains. Handlers can call their dogs, but cannot bait them with treats. No leashes allowed; weight pull is a test of a handler's relationship their dog, and the dog's determination to please its owner. World Wide Weight Pull Organization (W3PO) sanctioned.

Cutest Pet in Pittsburgh
Photo Booth

Meet the winner of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2018 Cutest Pet Contest. Also, pose with your pet to see what you would look like on the cover of Pittsburgh Magazine’s “cutest pet” issue.

Doxie Downs
National Dachshund Races

International Wiener Dog Racing Federation (WDRF) proudly sanctions this race with events for the entire family. Watch, laugh, cheer and support very worthy Dachshund charities.

Luring 101

The perfect sport and great exercise for dogs that love to chase. Lure coursing takes full advantage of a dog's natural abilitiy to fix its sight on and chase a target. Bring your dog and let the fun begin!

Adoption Opportunities

Looking to add a new member to the family? Whether considering a playful kitten or mature canine, opportunities about. Local shelters and breed rescue groups can help you find the perfect match.

Mondioring Demonstration

Mondioring features a series of dog/handler exercises showcasing obedience, agility (jumps) and protection. Watch as Anthony’s Balanced Canine spotlights dogs who demonstrate a high level of control.