2019 Highlights

Check back in Summer for 2021 show highlights.

= Pets can participate!

North American
Diving Dogs

Sponsored by Invisible Fence of Pittsburgh

It's the ultimate organization in the performance sport of dock diving. North America Diving Dogs is the only organization of its kind that offers diving dog titles recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Be prepared for some "big air" excitement and plan on getting wet!

Stunt Dog

Chrissy Joy and her national stunt dog/trick dog champion Good Beasley will perform, demonstrate tricks and stunts, and show you how it’s done with help from the audience. Beasley is the star of upcoming movie Agent Toby Barks as well as many commercials. His award-winning studio animal trainer Chrissy Joy trains pets for stardom in film, tv and print. She is a certified trick dog instructor and canine conditioning coach.

Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit Hopping is modeled after hosrse show jumping. Rabbits must clear jumps of various heights without knocking down the cross bars.
Register on-site.

Santa Paws
Photos with Santa

Sponsored by Humane Animal Rescue

Santa visits Pittsburgh Pet Expo to find out which furry friends have been naughty or nice. Your pet can pose with Santa for a FREE photo. Santa photos with your pet will be available each day up until one hour before show ends. View your image online after the show.

Harness Fitting

Sponsored by Coastal Pet Products, Inc.

Stop by the Coastal Pet Products booth to make sure your pet's harness is fitted correctly for proper function and maximum comfort!

Ask the Vet

Veterinarians from Avalon, Big Rock and Seven Fields Veterinary Hospitals answer questions and chat all things pets!.
Low-cost microchipping all 3 days;
$25 per pet.

Grooming Competition:
Rescue Me Rodeo Round Up

Sponsored by Dollar Bank

Join the fun with The International Judges Association Dog Grooming Competitions. Non-stop entertainment, dog grooming competitions, educational seminars for pet industry pros, plus competitions for the entire family. Bring your dog — you could win a prize!

by Rent the Chicken

Did you know chickens can run up to 9 mph? These colorful hens race down a 20-foot strip of turf to the finish for a prize of meal worm treats! Hang out and pose for selfies with these friendly birds. Check out Rent the Chicken's rental program where you can rent to buy hens, a coop and all you’ll need to have your own fresh eggs.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga!
Ball Pit

Sponsored by Pittsburgh’s Fox 53

Kids join the fun by diving into a giant ball pit reminiscent of Sheldon’s adventure on the popular TV show. While immersed in balls, position yourself for the perfect keepsake photo!

The perfect sport and great exercise for dogs that love to chase. Lure coursing takes full advantage of a dog's natural abilitiy to fix its sight on and chase a target. Bring your dog and let the fun begin! Register on-site.

Crab Racing

You don't need a hermit crab to join in on the fun. Select a crab from over one hundred colorful, decorative, and natural shell land hermit crabs to enter the event. Rules are explained and the race begins. You can also adopt your own hermit crabs, crabitats, and supplies.

Exotic Bird Show

Sponsored by Rusmur Floors

Bill Middleton, famed Bird Man from Atlantic City's boardwalk, provides a fun way to learn about Macaws. Molly, Polly and Dolly play basketball, go shopping, ride bicycles, and more. Stop by — they will pose with you to have their picture taken!

Pet Costume Contest

Dress up your pet and compete for prizes in the annual Pet Costume Contest sponsored by Fromm. Judging times for each weight class is different.

Adoption Opportunities

Looking to add a new member to the family? Whether considering a playful kitten or mature canine, opportunities about. Local shelters and breed rescue groups can help you find the perfect match.

Great Lakes Region
Cat Show

Get to see and touch rare and exotic breeds — Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) has the world's largest registry of cats. Participate with your cat in Feline Agility competitions taking place hourly. Ask about Companion Cat World membership.

UpDog Challenge

This unique competition held on Friday and Saturday combines dogs, humans and frisbees for an exciting race to accumulate the most points in a variety of games including 4WayPlay, Frizgility, ThrowNGo and Freestyle. Finals hosted on Sunday raise the stakes with head-to-head competition where the winner advances for a chance to claim the championship.

Cutest Pet in Pittsburgh
Photo Booth

Sponsored by Pittsburgh Magazine

Pose with your pet for a cover shot of Pittsburgh Magazine.

Doxie Downs
National Dachshund Races

Sponsored by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

International Wiener Dog Racing Federation (WDRF) proudly sanctions this race with events for the entire family. Watch, laugh, cheer and support very worthy Dachshund charities.

Reptile Zone

Steel City's Tom Kelly and his expert reptile educators educate and entertain. Families can experience the excitement of getting up-close and personal with these fascinating animals in a safe and educational way. Guests will have the opportunity for hands-on interaction and photos with snakes, tortoises, frogs, and lizards and more.

Weight Pulling

Laurel Highlands Working Dogs hosts competition sanctioned by the World Wide Weight Pull Organization (W3PO). During a competition similar to the World’s Strongest Man Competition for human power lifters, trained dogs pull a weighted cart in single-eliminations until only the strongest dog remains. Your dog can participate! Complete the form linked below and send in advance of the show.